MULTICAM 1000/2000

* Optionally Single-or Dual System

* For all diagnostic applications from Planar to Gated SPECT

* Automatic contouring with selectable examination distance

* 220 kg tabletop load with a 220 cm scanning range

* Numerous special collimators for the entire energy range

* Extraordinarily low space requirement of just 2 x 3 meters


P3000 New Tec

* Optional image quality thanks to special detectors with the higest PMT density

* Shortest examination times with Triple Head technology

* Numerous special collimators for the ntire energy range

* Relaxed heart examination with free positioning of the patient´s head outside the gantry


* Optionally Galaxy C (round head camera) or Galaxy R (rectangular detector)

* Outstanding patient access for all exmanations- also in bed

* Ideal for use with claustrophobics, sentenls and RSO Utiation of the optional visual field of 54 cm for whole

* Body and SPECT with Galaxy r


Auto Cardio 4D


* Full automatic reproducible haert evalution for gated and ungated examination results

* High resolution 3D reconstruction

* Fully automatic identification of the heart structure and heart-axis aligned reorientation

* Automatically centred 2x zoom of trhe myocardium

*Extensive Cine Tools for 3D depiction of the beating heart

* Polar maps freely configurable documentation