* Swivel-arm System

The swivel-arm can be raised, lowered, and rotated, under power driven control,
to accommodate patient in all statures, standing and/or sitting, to produce
mammographic images in all standard views.

* X-ray Tube Assembly
X-ray tube assembly is designed for X-ray radiation generation of required quality and intensity and forming a narrow fan-shaped radiation beam.


* X-ray Image Receiver
Digital X-ray image receiver is combined of an X-ray detector, scanning mechanism, allowing for precision scanning of the imaging area, and electronic controllers.


* High-frequency X-ray Generator
The high-frequency generator converts the line power into the high-frequency required to operate the X-ray tube. The generator contains a dedicated microprocessor control system to assure fail-safe oper- ation of actual X-ray exposure.


* Control Console
Digital images acquisition process is controlled via software means by specially trained medical per- sonnel (operator). Control console consists of X-ray protective screen and an acquisition workstation installed.


* Acquisition Workstation
Acquisition workstation (operator's workstation) is intended for patient registration, exposure parameters setup, and image quality check.


* Reporting Workstation
Workstation (Radiologist and physician workstation) is intended for collecting, viewing, printing and storing patient images which were received from acquisition workstation.